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Born in Queensland Australia on a small cattle farm, James’ lifelong passion for horses began when he was just six weeks old. From the family milking goat to his first pony, to the first colt he started in his early teens, Dan’s hunger to learn about training and understand a horse’s thinking patterns has only increased.
After studying at Longreach Pastoral College, Dan began traveling the world to gain a better understanding of horses. From starting colts in Hokkaido, Japan to starting over 300 horses at Washpool Lodge, Australia, working cutting horses for trainer Punk Carter, to managing horses on a cattle station in Western Australia, Dan has studied with and learned from the best of the best. Dan has successfully competed in Dressage, Show Jumping, Eventing, Camp Drafting, Cutting, Reining and Colt Starting. Along the way James met his Quarter Horse stallion, Ari, Australian Stock Horse mare, Amelia, and Quarter Horse, Apollo, who were his first performance horses and remain part of the DDH Team today.
James has spent his entire career wowing audiences, pushing the bounds of equine entertainment, competing on an international stage, and educating horsemen and women around the world. Dan first learned about liberty training from world renowned movie horse trainer, Heath Harris. From there Dan went on to train liberty horses for television, movies, photoshoots, and entertainment including starting liberty horses for the hit show Heartland, doing stunts for The Walking Dead, and training horses for Cavalia.

James is a two-time international World Champion Colt Starter, a multiple-Freestyle Reining Champion, a Mustang Makeover finalist and a multi-discipline crowd favorite several times over. He won the “Way of the Horse” at Equitana Asia Pacific in 2008, the coveted Road to the Horse International Colt Starting World Championship in 2012, and the 2014 Quarter Horse Congress Freestyle Reining Championship, represented Australia in the 2018 World Equestrian Games, and competed in the 2019 Run for a Million Invitation Freestyle, the richest reining event in equine sports history. James continues to wow judges, fans, and audiences alike with his incredible training techniques, elite showmanship, and unique understanding of how horses learn.


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