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This list will be updated regularly leading up to our 2020 show. Please continue checking back to see our performers.

Alina Stasik

Alina Stasik started western trick riding and stunt riding at the age of seven in her hometown of Golden, Colorado, where she trained at the Red Top Ranch under Karen Vold, Linda Scholtz, and Mellissa Pfaff. She went pro at the age of fourteen, performing in rodeos across the country. At the age of 17, she ran away to join the circus  and changed to the more traditional form of trick riding known as Cossack. She also trained  in Liberty, Roman Riding and Balley on horseback. Alina has performed across North America doing rodeos, circus and theatrical productions, including the world’s largest touring  theatrical production, Cavalia’s Oddysseo.

Back by popular demand:

Equine Trail Sports competition

Back by popular demand – the Equine Trail Sports competition will begin on Friday, March 6th in the Dr. Jack Giesy Equestrian Arena with the In Hand obstacle course.


Challenge your skills while showcasing your horse, mule or mini as you maneuver through an obstacle course that will test your skills.  Different obstacles and levels each day will add to the fun, and beautiful ribbons and buckles will be awarded.


Online registration is open now, and will close on Wednesday, March 4th at 5:00pm PST.


For more information, please visit the Equine Trail Sports webpage:

Spectators - $25 for the day

This clinic is designed to be an overall learning experience that builds on several aspects of communication, confidence, respect, trust, impulsion, and performance. The clinic is open to people of all skill levels and disciplines, beginner to advanced are welcome. We also welcome horses of all ages and breeds.

What you will learn:
• Confidence to overcome fears.
• Tools to keep your horse calm, curious, and respectful.
• Feel and timing to increase your horse’s try.
• Common mistakes of both the horse and rider.
• How to think from a horse’s point of view.
• What to do when your horse does the unexpected.
• How to accomplish incredible things with your horse.
• Key exercises to unlock your horse’s potential.
• Exercises to correct your horse’s bad habits.

Essentially we will be teaching you the building blocks for success!

Steve Rother 1 day clinic

Thursday, march 5th

(prior to wa sTATE HORSE EXPO)

mORGAN wagner


Internationally known duo Morgan Wagner and Endo, her 17-year old Appaloosa, demonstrate more than riding and liberty - they have mastered the art of teamwork.


You see, Endo is completely blind. Due to painful recurrent uveitis, also known as moon blindness, Endo had to have his eyes removed when he was twelve. Initially Endo had one eye removed, but it became obvious that his second eye would have to be removed as well. Knowing this, Morgan began working with him before he was completely blind. She started switching him to voice commands and blindfolding him while asking him to move forward and trust her. Morgan’s training methods worked so well that they began competing in Working Equitation competitions. Now they compete in Master's Level which is the highest level achievable.


Morgan is now pursuing her dreams as a trainer and instructor, inspiring horse owners to strive to deepen the relationship with their horses, and has started a non-profit to rescue and rehab horses. By fulfilling this passion, the horses she saves “will learn skills that ensure they will always be wanted in someone’s barn, no matter where they end up.”


Don’t miss Morgan and Endo at the WA State Horse Expo. The duo will be presenting demonstrations daily, and welcome visitors to the barn. They will also be performing in the Friday night Youth Showcase and popular Saturday Night Extravaganza.

Watching these two perform, you would never know Endo is blind. They are truly amazing.

Check out this video of a WE performance:




Jennie Fiendish, CVT, VTS (Behavior), CPDT-KA is a nationally recognized speaker on animal behavior and training.  She is passionate about education and the promotion of scientifically based training principles and the positive impact that they make on the lives of humans and animals.  


Jenn is the owner of Happy Power Behavior and Training (in Portland, OR) and is also the Executive Director of the Society of Veterinary Behavior Technicians (a national non-profit organization).


In her free time, Jenn enjoys equestrian sports, reading, and is an avid crocheter.  Her ‘squad’ includes three hairless dogs, two geese, one snake, and a very patient husband.


Don’t miss Jenn’s Classroom Presentations at the Expo!!


Laine Berkeley has been participating in the Washington State Horse Expo with her horse Shelby for several years.


Shelby loves dressage and working equitation, and her favorite treats are fruit flavored tic tacs and pears.  But more than ANYTHING else, Shelby loves kids!  She enjoys working as a therapy horse for Courageous Connections, and looks forward to meeting all the children in the Kid’s Corral at the Expo.


Bring the family and meet Laine and Shelby the Unicorn in the Kid’s Corral, and pick up a special Shelby the Unicorn prize.

Where's Pepa?

Our "Where's Pepa?" program is back for year two!

This program is a scavenger hunt for children of all ages. Find images of Pepa, a PATH certified therapy horse and "living art project," throughout our vendor booths and entertainment areas. Stamp cards are available at the Activity Area (Next to the Kid's Corral). 

Fill up your stamp card when you find the image of Pepa in a booth. Once your card is full, return it to the activity area and receives a prize!