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Dally & Spanky 

Due to circumstances beyond their control, Dally & Spanky (Including Francesca & Tiny Trio) will not be at the Horse Expo. We have added Tator Tot, the Clydesdale (pictures below), to fill their spot in the Kid's Corral.

Tator KY .JPG
Tator tot.jpg
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mORGAN wagner & ENDO

Internationally known duo Morgan Wagner and Endo, her 17-year old Appaloosa, demonstrate more than riding and liberty - they have mastered the art of teamwork.


You see, Endo is completely blind. Due to painful recurrent uveitis, also known as moon blindness, Endo had to have his eyes removed when he was twelve. Initially Endo had one eye removed, but it became obvious that his second eye would have to be removed as well. Knowing this, Morgan began working with him before he was completely blind. She started switching him to voice commands and blindfolding him while asking him to move forward and trust her. Morgan’s training methods worked so well that they began competing in Working Equitation competitions. Now they compete in Master's Level which is the highest level achievable.


Morgan is now pursuing her dreams as a trainer and instructor, inspiring horse owners to strive to deepen the relationship with their horses, and has started a non-profit to rescue and rehab horses. By fulfilling this passion, the horses she saves “will learn skills that ensure they will always be wanted in someone’s barn, no matter where they end up.”


Don’t miss Morgan and Endo at the WA State Horse Expo. The duo will be presenting demonstrations daily, and welcome visitors to the barn. They will also be performing in the Friday night Youth Showcase and popular Saturday Night Extravaganza.

Watching these two perform, you would never know Endo is blind. They are truly amazing.

Jan Wallace 

Equine Trail Sports

NEW THIS YEAR: The Fun begins on Friday afternoon with an In-Hand Event. This course will be challenge your skills while showcasing your horse, mule or mini as you maneuver thru this exciting course, there will be some obstacles that you may have never seen before as well as some of those favorite obstacles.  Saturday and Sunday will find you mounted and going thru obstacles that will test your skills and show the talent that you have inspired with your mount.  Different obstacles each day and the choice of 3 different levels will add to the fun and adventure that Equine Trail Sports brings to you. We are hoping to sponsor special event on our course on Saturday after we are done, to showcase Local Equine Veterans Programs. 


All courses will take place indoors in the Dr Jack Giesy Equestrian Arena. The well maintained arena and warm up arena is suitable for all types of equines.  Shoes and boots are not required but as always well maintained hoofs are recommended.

Gypsy Chyx

The Gypsy Chyx are a small group of "Gypsy" women that have become friends through their common love and passion for the wonderful Gypsy and Drum horse breed. 


Gypsy and Drum horses are a unique breed in so many ways. They are a relatively new breed to our country and were first imported into the United States from the United Kingdom in 1996. There, they were used to pull the Vardos (Romani Wagons) of traveling families. They are known for their calm and gentle temperaments. The number one word used to describe their nature is "kind". Gypsy and Drum horses love people, making them excellent equine partners for people of all ages, especially children. 


The mission of the Gypsy Chyx is to share the love of their horses with others in hopes of promoting this outstanding breed. The breed's versatility is amazing. Here in the United States, they excel in the show ring with their calm and steadfast demeanors; they are talented at driving as they were built for pulling carts and wagons, but they also participate


in Eventing, Dressage, Working Equitation, English & Western Disciplines, and Trail. They are also a number one choice of therapeutic programs throughout the country.


The Gypsy Chyx is composed of four riders and their four equine partners. Three of the Gypsies being ridden today are brand new to the group for 2019. The fourth equine partner, Jille, is a Drum horse that is a Veteran to the Washington State Horse Expo.


Please welcome Gypsy Chyx members: 

Michelle Tibbles riding Wally

Blanche Kohl riding SD Double Stuff

Amanda Ableidinger riding Mia

and Linda Wood riding Jille


These ladies and their beautiful horses look forward to meeting you throughout the Expo.  They will be performing each day, including a special performance during the Saturday Night Extravaganza.


Equine Trail Sports Promo
Equine Trail Sports

Equine Trail Sports Promo



The Volcano Ridge Mounted Archers are a non-profit Mounted Archery Club. We operate out of Brush Prairie, Washington at our home range; Arrowhead Acres. This range is the only outdoor Mounted Archery Range of its kind in the Pacific Northwest Area.


The Volcano Ridge Mounted Archers represent a special kind of equestrian here in Brush Prairie, WA. We take our archery and riding seriously. We  have fun, we love to learn, and we live to share this Martial Art; 
however, the Warriors safety will always be first.

Esmeralda's & the Charro School Mendoza

These young fellows belong to the School of Charreria LOS MENDOZA and they are going to give us a demonstration of trick roping in the purest Mexican style. Some of these kids have been practicing since 2016; they range from ages 7 to 21 and differ in level of expertise based on skill and practicetime. They are taught patiently by MANUEL MENDOZA.

Razzle the Zebra

Latigo N Lace Equestrian Drill Team

The Latigo N Lace Equestrian Drill Team is a highly successful Equestrian Drill Team located in Battle Ground, WA.


The team was established in 1992 as a Youth Equestrian Drill Team and has matured over time to a roster of 23 riders ranging in ages from 17 to 50 something. 


The team represents Clark County at competitions and parades throughout Washington and Oregon, and has also established a strong brand nationally, having competed at the Calgary Stampede, Super Ride Drill Team Competition in Texas, Coto Cup Drill Team Competition, Reno Rodeo Drill Team Competition, Oregon State Fair and our local Clark County Fair.


You won’t want to miss Latigo N Lace, performing during the Saturday Night Extravaganza, March 2, 2019.

Alina Stasik

Alina Stasik started western trick riding and stunt riding at the age of seven in her hometown of Golden, Colorado, where she trained at the Red Top Ranch under Karen Vold, Linda Scholtz, and Mellissa Pfaff. She went pro at the age of fourteen, performing in rodeos across the country. At the age of 17, she ran away to join the circus  and changed to the more traditional form of trick riding known as Cossack. She also trained  in Liberty, Roman Riding and Balley on horseback. Alina has performed across North America doing rodeos, circus and theatrical productions, including the world’s largest touring  theatrical production, Cavalia’s Oddysseo.

Check out our Clinicians Below:

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