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This list will be updated regularly leading up to our 2022 show. Please continue checking back to see our performers.

Jessica Abatie grew up in Boring, Oregon, and now resides in Estacada with her husband Cody, a professional farrier & horseman, and their four-year-old son Carson, who also rides and competes.


Jessica has worked with some of the best in the business in several areas of horsemanship and has recognized the importance of timing not only in starting colts, but to liberty & timed events as well. 


Some of Jessica’s top achievements have led her to the top in Western Horseman of Oregon, Extreme Cowboy Racing, Makeover competitions, barrel races and Omoksee’s, winning a multitude of titles, saddles and arena records.  Jessica’s ability to coach horses and riders has also brought them success in the arena as well. 


Currently Jessica is developing an equine curriculum for the Fort Peck Community College in Wolf Point, Montana.  Along with personal lessons, clinics, and taking in a limited amount of training horses per month, the drive to be productive is real. 


In addition to the daily routine, it’s been super important to have a belief that trust, above all methods, is the theme - in her progressional liberty clinics, to wild horse makeovers.

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Gypsy chyx

The Gypsy Chyx are a small group of "Gypsy" women that have become friends through their common love and passion for the wonderful Gypsy and Drum horse breeds. 


Gypsy and Drum horses are unique in so many ways. They are relatively new to our country and were first imported into the United States from the United Kingdom in 1996. There, they were used to pull the Vardos (Romani Wagons) of traveling families. They are known for their calm and gentle temperaments. The number one word used to describe their nature is "kind". Gypsy and Drum horses love people, making them excellent equine partners for people of all ages, especially children. 


The mission of the Gypsy Chyx is to share the love of their horses with others in hopes of promoting this outstanding breed.


These ladies and their beautiful horses look forward to meeting you throughout the Expo.  They will be performing each day, including a special performance during the Saturday Night Extravaganza.


gypsy chyx 3.jpg

Morgan and Endo

Endo is a 21-year-old Appaloosa who lost both eyes due to ERU; Equine Recurrent Uvietis.

He lives a happy full life despite completely losing his vision. He has starred in a live theater show, performed his amazing liberty work all over the country at events, won a national title at the highest level, and has a huge global following on his Facebook page.

Endo and his trainer Morgan will be performing his story through liberty work at the Saturday Night Extravaganza, along with daily Endo demonstrations.


They will also be visiting the Kids Corral to share goodies like a coloring page.



Draft Horse Exhibition

Draft Horses were bred to be working animals for pioneer-era industries such as agriculture, large-scale excavation, mining, logging, road construction and building of railways.  The average Draft Horse weighs approximately 2,000 pounds and stands about six feet high.

Draft Horses also served extensively during both World War 1 & Word War 11 to transport larger guns and heavy wagons.

Draft Horses are still used today by smaller farms, and most people are familiar with the Clydesdales used to pull wagons in parades and exhibitions.

Don’t miss the Draft Horse Exhibition each day of the Expo.  Visitors can also walk through the stall barn and view the horses in their stalls.


BlackPearl friesians

The BlackPearl Friesian Dance Troupe has performed at many large expos in both Oregon and Washington. We do educational visits to schools, participate in National Night Out events, fairs and other community events. We also focus on assisting other charities and non-profits in their events and with their fund raisers.

We are a 503(c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to serving our community by bringing joy & healing to both horses & humans alike. 

Come watch our beautiful horses perform throughout the Expo then come up close to meet and touch them in person. 


Meet Angel

My name is Angel. I have just been named the “Face” of Adopt-A-Horse, a non-profit horse foster program.  Not to brag, but I overheard people talking and they say I won the job because I am just so dang cute. Their words, not mine.

My story? I’m not sure where to start, but I guess the beginning is as good a place as any.  I am a 25-year-old, black and white Tobiano, Mini mare—Tip of my ears to the ground I am a whopping 31” inches tall.  Clark County Animal Protection and Control found me locked in a dark stall . . . all I remember from that time was some angry muttering about the floor being 3-feet deep in manure and littered with teeth.

It was not till later that I realized Animal Control had taken and delivered us into the care of the Clark County Executive Horse Council’s Adopt-A-Horse program, a non-profit horse rescue . . . and into the loving care of the true angel in this story--my foster mom.

I am told I was shockingly thin—mere bones—and my rescuers were not sure if I would make it. A nice vet named, Dr. Anne Marie Ray of Ridgefield Equine Clinic rated me as a 1.5 on the BCS. I didn’t know what that meant and was too tired to care. But later found out they were talking about a BCS Score (Equine Body Conditioning Score—a scale that measures equine body weight from 1 to 10.)

As I said, I like to think of my foster mom as an angel, it was she who gave me my name. She kept saying I was such a sweet angel—I guess it kinda of stuck.

I like it—it reminds me of her when I hear it.

So now I am Angel, the official Spokes(horse) for the Adopt-A-Horse Program. 

I can’t wait to start in my new life and share my story with the world.


Juliette Cimetiere Liberty Demos

Meet the Black Horse Farm Friesians owned by Heather Andreini: Galahad, Eros and Zeus.  The horses live and train in Woodinville, WA.  The boys train 3-4 days a week in dressage, liberty and driving.  They enjoy performing for people and love the attention.  Juliette Cimetiere is a local trainer based out of Redmond, Washington who specializes in gentle and balanced horsemanship.  She uses a mix of natural horsemanship methods and clicker training to create a better partnership with horse and human, both on the ground, in the saddle, and at liberty.  She also spent 3 years traveling with the show Cavalia as one of their trainers performing a liberty act with six horses. 


Broken Arrow Mounted Archery

Broken Arrow Mounted Archers is an equestrian archery club affiliated with the World Federation of Equestrian Archery. They have club members from Washington and Oregon, and practice on a regular basis at the Flying Duchess Ranch located in Arlington, WA. Owner and operator of the Flying Duchess Ranch, Katie Stearns, teaches group clinics as well as private lessons year round. For more information please email Katie at 


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Jessica ABatie

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