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Warwick Schiller

Born in Australia, Warwick Schiller moved to the US in 1990 at the age of 23 to pursue his dream of becoming a horse trainer.  His passion at the time was for the sport of reining.  He was heavily      involved in reining for 20 years, during which time he discovered his next passion; teaching.

In 2010 Warwick started a YouTube channel, wanting to share the idea that if you can understand how horses think, and what causes them to do the things they do, you can eliminate common issues and have a more harmonious relationship with your horse. That YouTube channel now boasts over 16 million views, and spawned an online training website that now contains over 230 hours of real time training of all types of horses and issues.

Warwick now spends his time between teaching clinics in The USA, Australia, New Zealand, The United Kingdom, and Europe, and adding to his video library. In 2018 he took a hiatus from clinics to qualify and compete at his second World Equestrian Games in Tryon, North Carolina, the first being in Kentucky in 2010.


Warwick is very excited to present his ideas and training methods at the Washington State Horse Expo, March 1-3, 2019.



Evan Bonner was born and raised on a small farm in Port Orchard, Washington and grew up with horses always in his life. It was when he was a young teen that he stumbled upon great horsemen like Pat Parelli and Buck Brannaman and he knew that he had to chase horsemanship. After high school, he began helping people with their horses, starting colts and continued learning the philosophy of true horsemanship. Later in his career, he met and studied with Peter Campbell. Meeting Peter greatly impacted the direction of Evan’s life. He knew that there was something unique about Peter and his ability with horses, and has been chasing that feeling ever since. Evan’s life experiences and study of the teachings of Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt, Peter Campbell and being a true student of the horse have shaped who Evan is as a horseman. Today, Evan spends most days riding horses for clients and conducting weekend horsemanship clinics for the public both offsite and at his and his wife’s facility, the Olympic Glen Arena, located in Port Orchard, Washington. Evan teaches the mechanics of proper riding and operating a horse…but he also teaches people what it means to ‘feel’ of a horse. Once a person experiences a horse responding to their ‘feel’, the opportunity for progress and change is greatly improved. Evan believes that when we become the person that our horse really enjoys…not only do we feel better, but it usually benefits and lifts all other areas of our life including our interaction with our family, friends, and other people.”



From an early age Steve had an extreme passion for being around horses. This passion spread to a thirst for more knowledge as he traveled across the country to mentor under some of the greatest horsemen of all time, including the late Ray Hunt. The culmination of this tutilage and his work helping thousands of horses and riders over the last 20 years, is the basis for Steve's Excel With Horses Program. It is one of the most sought-after training methods in the country and has made it possible for so many horsemen and women to achieve their horsemanship dreams. Steve is dedicated to helping those wishing to pursue a better relationship with their horse and has designed a simple step-by-step program designed for all breeds and disciplines. 

Robert Eversole



Robert Eversole, ”the trail meister,” owns, the largest database of horse riding and camping areas in the U.S. with free trail and trailhead information, trail maps, and much more to help horse enthusiasts experience the joys of trail riding. Robert is a registered riding instructor with PATH International, a mounted search and rescue team member, and a U.S. Marine who has served on the board of the Backcountry Horsemen of Washington (BCHW). He is enjoying his new career helping fellow trail riders stay found and safe on the trail. When not on the trail, The Trail Meister resides near Spokane, WA and teaches land navigation to a wide variety of outdoor groups across the nation. For North America’s largest horse trail and camping directory, trail tips, and more, visit

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