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Jan Wallace 

Equine Trail Sports competition

The Fun begins on Friday afternoon with an In-Hand Event. This course will be challenge your skills while showcasing your horse, mule or mini as you maneuver thru this exciting course, there will be some obstacles that you may have never seen before as well as some of those favorite obstacles.  Saturday and Sunday will find you mounted and going thru obstacles that will test your skills and show the talent that you have inspired with your mount.  Different obstacles each day and the choice of 3 different levels will add to the fun and adventure that Equine Trail Sports brings to you. We are hoping to sponsor special event on our course on Saturday after we are done, to showcase Local Equine Veterans Programs. 


All courses will take place indoors in the Dr Jack Giesy Equestrian Arena. The well maintained arena and warm up arena is suitable for all types of equines.  Shoes and boots are not required but as always well maintained hoofs are recommended.

Equine Trail Sports Promo
Equine Trail Sports

Equine Trail Sports Promo

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